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How We Can Help

Do you need to go to work, but are reluctant to leave your loved one at home by themselves, especially if they need help with activities of daily living like shopping, bathing and meal preparation? Best Choice Home Health Care is a Licensed Home Care Services Agency (also known as a LHCSA) which provides home health aides, personal care aides and nursing services to elderly, sick or homebound individuals in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Westchester County.

Each patient receives personalized attention in the comfort of their own home, with services tailored to their specific needs based on input from the patient’s primary care physician and significant other. From assisting patients with walking to providing basic health-related services, offering personal emergency services, and having a personalized health care plan that is overseen by a registered nurse, Best Choice provides a full range of in-home care.

Our Home Health Aides:

Are fully certified, highly trained and trusted

Are thoroughly screened, bonded and insured

Are supervised by a registered nurse and service coordinator

Provide basic health-related services

Monitor and assist with medications

Maintain a high level of safety and comfort for patients

Provide companionship to patients

Provide needed support to patients and their families

Our Personal Care Aides:

Go through rigorous background checks and specialized training

Follow a care plan developed by a registered nurse with input from the patient’s primary care physician and significant other

Prepare and serve meals according to patient's dietary needs and assist them with feeding if needed

Assist patient with walking and with moving from bed to chair or wheelchair

Remind patient to take medications

Help with patient's personal grooming including care of hair, teeth, mouth and nails, and dressing

Assist with bathing

Maintain a safe environment

How to Begin

After contacting Best Choice, we will send a registered nurse to your home for an initial in-depth assessment. The nurse will coordinate an individualized plan of care focusing on the patient’s needs and continue to oversee the patient’s care. A home health aide or personal care aide will be assigned to care for the patient. The aide will communicate all pertinent information to the nurse assigned by Best Choice. Nursing visits will continue as needed.

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